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To record all the history and background of Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club since its formation in 1876 is practically impossible, time erasing many details. Yet somewhere, someplace, there could still be information, stories, photographs etc. which could fill the story a little more. From the time bathing locally was confined to Shakerley Brook, the lime pits and the canal, the opening of Tyldesley Baths, the formation of the club and how it has fared throughout the years, this and the following series of articles attempts to tell a little of that story. To all the competitors and members who have brought prestige to the club, and to the many members who have been the backbone of the club we say "THANK YOU" to everyone, may these articles raise many a smile and revive some very pleasant memories. If you have any information, photos etc. relevant to Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club please Email the webmaster. We look forward to hearing from you.   E-mail: eric@tyldesleyswimming.co.uk
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The first annual gala, race for club captaincy,  ornamental swimming, start of water polo, swimming times, early successes
Retirement of Ralph Tyldesley, Eckersley Cup, 1908 Olympic Games, World Champion at Tyldesley
1927 water polom team, the war years, water polo in the  50s, closure of old baths, move to Atherton baths, opening of new baths, Jack Whittaker
Long distance swimming, Channel swim, first Mini Gala
Alan Parry, Lesley Stones, Duncan Cleworth, 1976 Montreal Olympics, centenary dinner, first club trip, Ernest and Jennie Chadwick
1876 1877-1903 1903 - 1924 1927 - 1964 1965 - 1972 1972 - 1980 1981 - 1984 1985 - 1987 1988 - 1992 1993 - 1995 1996 1997 - 2003 2004 - 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1877-1901 1977-2014 1876 - date 1976 - date 1877-1941
The club's motor coach, resignation from Bolton & District, the Whelmar Gala, loss of free water time, first ASA Preliminary Swimming Teachers Course
Tyldesley baths closed for repairs, 110th anniversary, entry into National Water Polo League
120th anniversary, Leanne Stafford swims for Wales, Paul Cowburn, swim teams win Central Lancs Junior Swim League, Junior Jubilee, Junior Knock Out and Senior Swim League and water polo team win Northern Counties U18s competition.
International visitors, teaching of swimming - public meeting
How it all started, opening ceremony, formation of the swimming club
Club Championship, Mini Gala & Ernest Chadwick Memorial Gala Winners, Records and Results
Mavis Bent MBE, Wigan Borough and Greater Manchester Club of the Year, visit of the Polar Bears, Keri-Anne Payne swim camp.
International Honours for Lucy Aspinall, Josephine Costello, Grace Morley, Robyn Nicholls, Lauren Tasker and Aaron Atherton, Ladies water polo team enter BWPL and gain promotion to Division 3, St Marys win ESSA Schools 16/Us Water Polo competition.
ASA Academy Girls National Water Polo Champions, Jaeger Turner british record, Ladies water polo, Ladies water polo trip to Dublin.
Best ever National League season, British Championship qualification, Mavis Bent and Gwyn Pierce mentioned in House of Commons, Robyn Nicholls and Chris Gilbertson International Honours, 130th anniversary celebrations
Michael Cowburn, Chris Gilbertson and Robyn Nicholls International Honours.
Festival Gala renamed Ernest Chadwick memorial gala.
Swim 21 water polo accreditation, National League Division 2 Champions, Chris Cook swim camp
Robyn Nicholls Olympic water polo player, International honours for Lucy Aspinall, Lauren Tasker and Adam Toone. Ladies water polo team gain promotion to BWPL Division 2, Senior men withdrawm from BWPL,ASA Academy Girls National Water Polo Runners Up,  Opening of Pelican Centre, St Marys win ESSA Schools 16/Us & 18U/s Water Polo competitions.
Paul Cowburn, Michael Cowburn and Philip Stout play for England, water polo teams win Northern Counties Senior, 18Us and 16Us competitions on same day, water polo team win ASA Club Junior Competition.
Past Club Presidents and Past District & Association Presidents
Past Club Captains
International honours for Grace Morley, Lauren Tasker  and Adam Toone. St Marys win ESSA Schools 18U/s Water Polo competition.
Lauren Tasker represents GB in Commonwealth Water Polo Championships. International honours for Hayley Price and Grace Rowland. St Marys win ESSA Schools 18U/s Water Polo for third year running. Ladies water polo team compete in British Water Polo League Division 2 and Championship 1 competitions.
Thomas Dugmore
International honours for Hayley Price, Grace Rowland and Emmie Rose Eastwood. Mens water polo team compete make a return to the British Water Polo League.  Pelican Centre achieve charitable status and funding of £384,000 to refurbish the Heritage Centre part of the building.