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To the Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club website. We would love to hear from people who have any connection with Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club and its members, past or present.  If you have any reminiscences, stories, biographies of Tyldesley S&WPC members, photos etc that you would like to share with us then please e-mail them to: eric@tyldesleyswimming.co.uk We would also be pleased to answer queries, if we can, about Tyldesley S&WPC both past and present.
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Swim21 Club Essential Accredited

2016 Achievements National Age Groups Academy Water Polo Championships bronze medallists British Water Polo League Men’s Division 5 Winners Bolton & District Senior Water Polo League Runners Up Manchester & District 14/Us Water Polo League Runners Up Parogon 12s Invitation Tournament Winners Bolton & District 12Us Water Polo Ko & League Runners Up City of Manchester Water Polo Festival 12Us Runners Up SPORTLeigh Volunteer Awards: Lee Toone & Dennis Price Coach of the Year Diane Stafford Unsung Hero
Supporters of water polo throughout the world Click here to see how For further Packaworld water polo stories click here Tyldesley Swimming Club were the first club in UK to use Packaworld inflatable nets
2017 Achievements British Water Polo League Ladies Championship 2 Runners Up British Water Polo League Mens Championship 4 Runners Up National Age Group U17s Ladies Water Polo Championships Finished 4th Jodie Gittens Swim North West 200m Freestyle Champion Manchester & District 12s Water Polo Tournament Winners Tyldesley S&WPC U15’s Water Polo Tournament Runners Up
World Student Games Lucy Aspinall and Addison Brown represented GB senior water polo teams at the World Staudent Games in Taipei, China.  The womwen finished 10th overall and the men 6th.
17th Fina World Masters Championships Nicola Toone and Joanne Sage represented English Roses 45+ water polo team at the 17th Fina World Masters Champioships in Hungary. The team won the silver medal.
Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club U15s Water Polo Tournament 1st Bridgefield 2nd Tyldesley 3rd ORCA 4th Chester Results: ORCA 3 - Tyldesley 11 Goals ORCA: Jack Ratcliffe 3; Tyldesley: Harry Dunkerley 6, Rio Hplbrook 2, Isobelle Robb 1, Kelsey Evans 1, Holly Toone 1, Bridgefield 11 - Chester 1 Goals Bridgefield: Frankie Docking-Smith 3, James Pyper 3, Charles Moore 2, Louis Stowell 2, Ben Paul 1 Chester: Joshua Price 1 Tyldesley 12 - Chester 0 Goals: Tyldesley: Harry Dunkerley 5, James Blenkinship 3, Holly Toone 2, Rio Holbrook 1, Isobelle Robb 1 ORCA 3 - Bridgefield 12 Goals ORCA: Jack Ratcliffe 3 Bridgefield Martin Stevanov 4, Frankie Docking-Smith 2, Charles Moore 2, Ben Paul 2, James Pyper 1, Marcus Woods 1 ORCA 10 - Chester 8 Goals ORCA: Jack Ratcliffe 6, Eugene Fildes 4 Chester: Andrew Gordon 2, Liam Lewis Jones 2, Adam Riddick 2, Archie Barker 1, Kristoff Doman 1, Tyldesley 5 - Bridgefield 7 Goals: Tyldesley: James Blenkinship 2, Harry Dunkerley 2, Rio Holbrook 1 Bridgefield Martin Stefanov 2, Marcus Woods 2, Charles Moore 1, Ben Paul 1, James Pyper 1 Most Valued Players: Bridgefield - James Pyper Tyldesley - Harry Dunkerley ORCA - Jack Ratcliffe Chester - Luke Harris
Bolton & District 12/Us Water Polo League Tyldesley 28 v ORCA 6 Goals: Matteo Spinelli 7, Isobelle Robb 5, Finlay Waite 5, Elijah Wright 5, Thomas Howarth 3, Joe Collings 1, Daniel Eldring Parry 1 Majors: Daniel Eldring Parry 1, Paddy McCann 1, Finlay Waite 1 Team: Joe Collings, Daniel Eldring Parry, Thomas Howarth, Kian Kniveton, Paddy McCann, Violet Odonoghue, Isobelle Robb, Matteo Spinelli, Finlay Waite, Elijah Wright, Charly Wrigley Stretford 6 v Tyldesley 9 Goals: Finlay Waite 2, Joe Collings 1, Matteo Spinelli 1, Isobelle Robb 1, Elijah Wright 1 Majors: Thomas Howarth 2, Isobelle Robb 2, Finlay Waite 2, Elijah Wright 1 Team: Joe Collings, Thomas Howarth, Kian Kniveton, Paddy McCann, Isobelle Robb, Matteo Spinelli, Finlay Waite, Elijah Wright,
Swim England North West Management Board Paul Anthony Costello has been appointed to the Swim England North West Management Board.
Bolton & District Senior Water Polo League Tyldesley 15 v Stretford 15 Goals: Addison Brown 5, Lucas McNulty 3, Oliver Rhodes 2, Tyler Turner 2, Adam Toone 2, Lee Toone 1 Majors: Adam Toone 2, Aaron Atherton 1, Addison Brown 1, Lucas McNulty 1, Oliver Rhodes 1, Lee Toone 1, Tyler Turner 1 Team; Aaron Atherton, Addison Brown, John Fletcher, Steve Harrison, Seb Jones, Lucas McNulty, Oliver Rhodes, Jonathan Stafford, Adam Toone, Lee Toone, Tylder Turner, Neil Williams Manchester Sharks 4 v Tyldesley 16 Goals: Addison Brown 3, Joshua Dunkerley 3, Lucas McNulty 3, Niall Clay 2, David Gaskell 2, Adam Toone 2, John Fletcher 1 Majors: Niall Clay 1, Joshua Dunkerley 1, Lucas McNulty 1, Adam Toone 1 Team; Aaron Atherton, Addison Brown, Niall Clay, Joshua Dunkerley, Peter Flaherty, John Fletcher, David Gaskell, Seb Jones, Lucas McNulty, Matthew Roberts, Adam Toone Manchester & District 16s League Warrington 22 - Tyldesley 2 Goals: Niall Clay 2 Majors: Annie Holt 2 Team: Niall Clay, Kelsey Evans, Paige Evans, Kate Flaherty, David Gsskell, Annie Holt, Seb Jones, Lucy Mills, Jessica Robb, Kate Rowland,
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